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Grad Fair 2023:
Find your match

Client - Locate IOM, Department of Enterprise 

Solution - Advertising campaign

The Brief

Whilst not explicitly stating that the IOM is often considered a back up option, a concept was needed to encourage individuals to re-consider the island as a viable option for advancing their career and ultimately sign up to attend the IOM Grad Fair 2023.

The client wanted a fresh look away from the bold pink brand colours utilised in last year's campaign, making use of other colours in the brand's toolkit.

The Idea

With the aim to make the Isle of Man a more desirable option, what better way to get yourself out there than a dating profile?


By utilising a modern, relatable experience and gamifying the branding of the Grad Fair, viewers will be intrigued to find out more and engage with the campaign. 

Within my designs I mimicked a text exchange between a graduate and the Isle of Man after "matching" with each other, discussing a date to the Isle of Man Grad Fair. Alongside reminder pop ups and dating profiles this formed the basis of the visual identity. 

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Developing on this idea, graduate profiles were matched to the sponsors of the Grad Fair, demonstrating the sort of connections that could be made as a result of attending.

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