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ALL wrapped up

Client - Self-initiated project

Solution - Branding & Packaging

The Brief

A mystery book club for the Family Library, encouraging children to read outside their comfort zone and not judge a book by its cover. 

Inspired by the 'blind date with a book concept' I wanted to create something that would encourage children to get reading in a creative way.


The books are 'all wrapped up', with short phrases/words written on the front to give a hint to the story within. 

The Idea

The branding focuses on a hand-drawn approach in line with its younger target audience, using playful and purposefully misaligned block colour to replicate the brown paper used to wrap up the books. 

The two main logos are inspired by the front and spine of a wrapped book, whilst the two circle emblems can be used as stickers. 

The posters and shelf banner advertise the project whilst the finer details like the bookmarks and luggage tags explain the concept in a bit more depth. To encourage the children to persevere with their mystery book I introduced the book reviews, which earns them a certificate once completed. 

The books are stickered to indicate reading difficulty, to ensure that the books selected reach the appropriate target audience. 

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