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A bit about me

Hello there! Welcome to my portfolio.


I pour my heart and soul into each and every project to create solutions I am really proud of. Being a perfectionist at heart I strive to create the most awesome design solutions, with a dash of playfulness (if the brief allows it!) along the way. 

In my spare time I enjoy exploring the hidden gems of my surroundings, having recently moved to The Netherlands I have an ever-growing list! Big fan of the windmills.


I am an avid animal lover and mother to five guinea pigs, who are now accustomed to a lavish lifestyle that I must (obediently) maintain. I enjoy sports such as netball and ultimate frisbee and love to try new things. Recently I have started learning Dutch and have also set myself the task of learning to crochet... I have knot got the hang of it just yet. 

Feel free to peruse my projects and if you have any questions or want to chat further, please drop me a message!

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