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Family Library

Client - Family Library

Solution - Children's book & Marketing Materials

The Brief

As a charity that relies on external funding, providing a strong visual identity is essential to creating a recognisable brand and generating donations.


The current branding wasn't providing a cohesive identity that can work across various touchpoints. A stronger identity was needed that can really shout about all their important work in the local community.

The Idea

The main issue I wanted to address was the brand's logo; creating a much bolder and more impactful wordmark to place the emphasis back on the charity's name.


The positioning of the text aims to slot together as books do when stacked. The size differences are also comparable to a word cloud, where the most important words are the largest. Replacing the typeface also allowed for a much more legible logo at smaller sizes.

The library wanted to maintain the rainbow colour palette in some form, so I have adapted this to become less overwhelming and more professional in the form of rainbow spots. This is an element that works much better across different platforms and applications - creating a more consistent identity. 

Previous library logo.jpg

Previous logo

New library logo.jpg

New logo

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