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literary lockdown

Client - Arts Council IOM

Solution - A5 printed book

The Brief

During the lockdown, the Arts Council held a competition for local writers to submit pieces of creative writing for their 'Literary Lockdown' project. 

I wrote to them and suggested a small book to commemorate the project, to which they agreed!

The Idea

I wanted to create a consistent theme throughout the book and decided on the idea of growth, representing both the personal and creative growth experienced during lockdown and how the writers have utilised this to nurture and inspire their creative writing.

I selected a poignant and well-known quote for the back cover to capture the essence of the project and reiterate the growth concept, while the brush style typography and hand-drawn flowers provided bold impact. The ripped paper symbolises the scraps of paper these ideas likely started out on, suggesting inspiration can strike from anywhere.

Some behind the scenes pictures ​during print production and from the Celebration event at the Family Library.

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