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Love Manx branding

Client - Department of Enterprise IOM

Solution - Branding, Print & Digital design

The Brief

To update the current logo to say “Love Manx” and produce a creative/branding around it in such a way that would encourage purchasing locally/on Island from Isle of Man based retailers.

The Christmas campaign idea is hoped to be “Love Manx Christmas List” where we highlight key retailers and gift options as being on a “Love Manx Christmas List”. This would be the theme for the social media templates, posters, and wobblers.

The Idea

I wanted to keep the branding simple and find a typeface that complimented the cursive nature of the word 'love', whilst being bold and impactful. 

The resulting typeface contrasted nicely, and by manipulating the counter within the 'a' to look like a heart, the messaging is reinforced further. The shape can be altered to contain any number of shapes, which I utilised by including a gingerbread man within the Christmas designs, making it super flexible in terms of usage. 

This logo then translated into a wobbler/circle emblem that was featured throughout the different applications. I kept the colours very bright, cheery and Christmassy to catch the viewers eye and drive the festive messaging. 

logo 1.jpg

Existing logo

logo 2.jpg

Adapted logo

Christmas Logo Collection.jpg
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Love Manx Wobbler.png
Wobbler Mockup.jpg
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