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Client - Rob G Cowley, local author

Solution - Children's book

The Brief

The second book in a series of Manx Bedtime Stories, combining a number of local business to create a magical RED tale raising money for Isle Listen on the Isle of Man. 

The Idea

Written by local author Robert Cowley and illustrated by the very talented 15 year old schoolgirl, Karmen St John-Cain, RED tells the tale of a young dragon called Rufus who doesn't feel as though he fits into his world and becomes quite lonely and isolated. We watch as Rufus learns his differences should be celebrated, not hidden away in a journey that will warm the hearts of readers young and old.

I was tasked with the creation of the book itself, including organising the illustrations, creating the cover, page design and typesetting.

cover mockup longer.jpg
cover mockup 3.jpg

Pulling inspiration from the story, especially the narrative surrounding lemonade and bath bubbles, to create a colourful, eye-catching cover. 

photo edits.jpg

Following the first book Karmen has been using Procreate to complete her illustrations. I helped to edit a few where I felt the image would benefit from a background.

These are a selection of Karmen's completed illustrations that I dispersed throughout the text.


I tried to give the illustrations as much emphasis on the page as possible whilst adhering to the set number of pages and keeping the text as large as possible for young readers.

turning spread.jpg

The book was typeset in Sassoon Primary - a typeface designed specifically to improve legibility for younger readers. It most closely represents the letterforms that children are taught in school, with rounded counters, long ascenders and descenders and exit strokes that clump words together along the baseline. The slight slant makes blocks of text easier to read.

colouring pages.jpg

Following on from the success of the PINK book, we decided to create more colouring pages from the illustrations, including a selection of "fan art" drawn by young reviewers and a "creation station".

poster mockup.jpg
rufus promo.jpg

I created promotional posters, bookmarks and badges ahead of the book launch at the Family Library, trying to keep them as bright and appealing as possible.

Some pictures from the Dragon Day Launch Event at the Family Library, with dragon themed crafts, colouring, fancy dress, book signings and a visit from the benefitting charity, Isle Listen.


A picture of illustrator Karmen (middle right), author Robert (middle left) and a couple of representatives from the chosen charity; Isle Listen at the soft book launch at the Family Library. (Featuring the book!)

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